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We are well equipped with highly experienced Engineers / Technicians and all necessary tools, test equipment for execution of various projects.


  • BTS Installation & Commissioning
    • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of all ranges of Telecom equipments related to GSM, CDMA and WiMax
    • BTS Installations
    • Installation of BTS, Indoor, Outdoor, MW with Alignment of Hop & Commissioning
    • Integration of BTS Sites and clearing AT Points
    • Installation of Metro BTS, Mini BTS, Furniture BTS
    • Installation and Commissioning of BTS ODM Sites
    • Sector addition work and BTS Configuration
    • Site Patching (E1) from BSC to Connecting Sites

  • Radio Links
    • Installation of MW Links 3m, 6m, 1.2 and 1.8m with Alignment and Commissioning
    • Installation and Commissioning of 7 GHz and 15 GHz MW Links with space Diversity
    • VSWR Measurements

  • Link Integration
    • Transportation Carrier-Terrestrial Microwave (SDH / PDH)
    • Network Integration
    • Wireless Network Integration
    • In - Building Solutions(IBS Sites ) for GSM/CDMA
    • Laying & Termination of OFC Cables, I/F Cables, Feeder Cables in BSC, MSC & Switch Rooms
    • Carrier - Optical (DWDM - SDH / SONET / ATM)

  • Operation & Maintenance
    • Optical Fiber Networks Maintenance
    • Cell Site Infrastructure Maintenance
    • Managed / Professional Services (OMC-R, BSS and OSS)
    • Telecom Cell Sites Maintenance (Preventive & Corrective)

  • De Installation of existing BTS (Indoor/outdoor) & Existing Microwave with Accessories( Feeder Cables & Antennas)

  • EMF Surveys

  • Electrical Audits of Sites, BSC's and MSC's

  • Site Acquisitions /Approvals for authority for Infra-development

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