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Cluster have a solution for Photovoltaic combiner enclosures which are required for Solar Energy Generation Activities.
It is the new and professional photovoltaic distribution system and it can now help you reduce your design and installation costs substantially!

SOLAR POWER PRODUCTS The intelligent complete system includes everything you need for easy and quick installation. Since all the components are pre-fabricated according to your requirements, you can quickly carry out wiring on-site. In addition, Cluster makes sure you are always on the safe side as the system fulfils all the requirements of the Photovoltaic Standards of IEC 60 364 -7- 712. The solutions are available for interface requirements suitable for On-grid, Roof top and stand-alone ( OFF - grid) PV systems. Product include Array Junction boxes / String Combiner boxes, DC gatherers / PV Generator Junction boxes, AC Gatherers / PV Solar Inverter collectors, AC Distribution Boards, DC Distribution Boards etc.

We have a complete range of standard and customized products on offer for Telecom Project Infra Solution for CAPEX and OPEX saving.

  • Solar Power based Electrical Fence
  • DC Power SMPS - for conversion of Mains AC to - 48 V DC.
  • DC - AC and AC - DC converters- Modular & Standalone Applications
  • EFC Emergency Free Cooling units for BTS /RAN sites saving OPEX on Air-Conditioning
  • Out Door Unit - Perfect solution for OD BTS /RAN sites
  • IPMS -Integrated Power Management System - Customised solution for Rural sites for controlling AC low range fluctuations and Saving on OPEX DG running.
  • ACDB and DCDB for distribution of AC /DC load.
  • Battery Chillers - for controlling battery ideal conditions saving OPEX and longer life of batteries.
  • Precision AC - For MSC /BSC Sites
  • DC -AC inverter - for Operating Aircon on DC Battery.
  • Solar Power Solution - for Alternative Source of Energy & Rural sites saving OPEX

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