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Cluster has emerged as the leading Company to carry out Repair & Maintenance of the Telecom Industry's essential hardware thereby improving your margins and increasing efficiency.


  • GSM Antenna
  • Microwave Antenna
  • BTS Racks

WE CONVERT YOUR SCRAP INTO ASSETS We have repaired many GSM Antennas which have been successfully re-deployed on the sites. These antennas had previously been declared unserviceable by the owners.
The Re-furbished antennas have VSWR readings comparable to the new ones. We also install new Electrical tilt mechanism in the re-furbished antennas.

In our endeavor to provide value addition, we supply

  • GSM Fixing Clamps
  • GSM Mechanical Mechanism
  • MicroWave Antenna Feedhorns
  • RF Jumper (Indoor & Outdoor)


  • Cost of repair is a fraction of the cost of new hardware, hence providing savings in CAPEX budgets.
  • Frees up the valuable warehouse space and expenses.
  • Repair services offered at your warehouses to minimize transportation and other expenses.

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