UPS Products >> Power Solutions (UPS) To ensure smooth running and proper functioning of the critical equipments being deployed and give a complete back-up to the applications running and supported by these, there is a need for clean power.
There are several unwanted parameters; surges, voltage fluctuations, frequency variation, brownouts, spikes, dips, blackouts, etc. in the utility power which is available to us these days.

POWER SOLUTIONS PRODUCTS Cluster Telecom Pvt Ltd has tied up with Streamline Power Systems Pvt Ltd to offer the Power Master Series of On-Line UPS Systems offering clean power and total protection to your costly equipment.

Power Master Systems are extremely reliable and tested to give superlative performance in all applications. These systems are very easy to install, operate and maintain.

These state-of-the-art Double Conversion type UPS systems employing High Frequency PWM Technique using MOSFET / IGBT as the Main Switching Device for Inverters are technically superior UPS systems giving Pure Sine Wave Output.
These UPS systems are available from 0.5KVA to 200 KVA in single phase . Three phase versions are also available.

Application Areas

  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Process Automation Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Banking Terminals
  • Communication Systems
  • Chemical and R & D Laboratories
  • Office and Factory Automation
  • Satellite Earth Stations
  • Defence and Nuclear Facilities
  • Machine Tools and Robotics
  • ICUs, OTs and Laboratories
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Prepress and Printing Equipment

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